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The Last West is an alternate history comic about our world, forever trapped in 1945 and crumbling from 70 years of social, cultural, and technological stasis. 


It's about how one man fulfills his destiny through a quest to find the last member of the West family—the living key to jumpstarting the world again. 


It's about the price of progress. 

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What People Are Saying

"The Last West is a pioneering effort. It is art. It is literature."

– John Barber, PhD, Washington State University.



"[Young and Iovino] are going back to a time when the slow burn mattered, when we'd make time to delve into characters, instead of demanding at least eleven explosions in every twenty-two pages. And they're building a new future from there."

− Jonathan Wood, No HeroYesterday's Hero,

Anti-Hero & Broken Hero



"The Last West deserves your time, and more importantly your contemplation, for what their fictional fable says about our
real world circumstances."

− Ain't It Cool News



"… a really solid story, interweaving historical incidents
with fiction and building a fascinating world that’s
offset from what we know but still familiar."

– Comic Spectrum



…presents readers with a level of intrigue normally
reserved for television and film.

– Florida Geek Scene



© 2021 Evan Young & Lou Iovino

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