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About The Last West


The Last West is a full-color graphic novel told in 10 issues, by authors Evan Young & Lou Iovino and artist Novo Malgapo. It is a comic that combines literary and historic fiction with fast-paced storytelling and a touch of noir.


The Last West will appeal to fans of comic books such as The Unwritten and Sandman, popular fiction like Stephen King’s The Stand and Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon, movies like Spy Game, and TV shows like The X-Files and Lost.


A Quick Synopsis


On July 16th, 1945, the first test of the atomic bomb should have set in motion the end of World War II. It should have ushered in a new age of global technological advancement. And, it should have presented us with one of the greatest moral dilemmas in human history.


















Evan Young is a Philadelphia native with an intense and lifelong interest in television, film, and graphic novels.

Evan graduated from UMass with a BA in English and as a cum laude Commonwealth Scholar. After graduating, he moved to Bangkok to teach English and travel across Asia. He eventually came back to the U.S. and debated his next career move, a choice between either professional poker or advertising.


(He chose wisely.)


Evan has written three published graphic novels: THE FORGOTTEN, THE CARRIER, and THE LAST WEST.


THE FORGOTTEN is a noir mystery about a man whom no one can remember. Evan wrote the spec screenplay adaptation of THE FORGOTTEN under the tutelage of screenwriter/director John Rogers (LEVERAGE).


THE CARRIER is an action thriller about a man who wakes up with a briefcase attached to his wrist, but no idea how it got there. It was the first original graphic novel to be published exclusively on the iPhone and iPad. For this accomplishment, Evan was recognized as an "influential pioneer in digital literature" by the U.S. Library of Congress. He has also written the feature film screenplay adaptation of THE CARRIER as a spec.


Evan has recently finished his third feature film screenplay, NOW BECOME ATHENA.


Lou Iovino is a ten-year veteran of the comics industry. He is the co-creator of THE LAST WEST, a two-volume graphic novel available exclusively on Comixology. He has also written for Zenescope Entertainment on several of their flagship titles including ROBYN HOOD, VAN HELSING, GRIMM TALES OF TERROR and RED AGENT.

His debut novel entitled SKYBOUND will be published in Summer 2021.

In days gone by, Lou taught basic, advanced, and technical writing and world classics at Rutgers University. He is currently teaching advertising at Villanova University.

He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two sons.

You can find out more at

But in The Last West, the bomb fails. And a far greater catastrophe occurs.


All scientific and technological progress ceases. Artistic, cultural, and social advancements disappear. World War II continues, unending. For sixty years everything slowly crumbles and fades, until an astounding discovery is made. The missing element on July 16th was a man... A man named Stephen West.


And he may be the key to reigniting the world.

About the Authors

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